Membership Information

The new membership application procedure requires that the applicant attend at least two official club events (preferably, but not necessarily, one general meeting and one other event) within a four month period. Applications should be accompanied by two letters of introduction from sponsors who are Club members in good standing. The purpose of this procedure is to help acquaint the applicant with the Club and the Club with the applicant. You will be placed on the newsletter mailing list for the next four months while your application is being completed. Please do not pay the membership fee until you are voted in. We will inform you of the amount at that time.

Club meetings are generally held seasonally. A reminder about the meetings, their location, and other specific information appears in the newsletters, as well as on our website.

We hope you will be able to join us at some of these events. Thank you for your interest in the Twin Cities Poodle Club.

For more information on membership, or to request an application, please contact Linda Hoof.

e-mail: Membership Chair, Twin Cities Poodle Club