2015 Specialty Shows Results

The Twin Cities Poodle Club, Inc. 2015 Specialty Shows were held on Friday, June 19 (Obedience) and Saturday, June 20 (Conformation).

Thank you to our judges, Mrs. Debra L. Scheider (Obedience), and Mrs. Wendy L. Paquette (Conformation).

Conformation: 6-20-2015

BEST OF BREED: CH Safari's Belle De Jour At Jucarta (Standard)

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX TO BEST OF BREED: CH Lomar Swag's One Tin Soldier (Toy)

BEST PUPPY IN PUPPY CLASSES: Kamann's Butterscotch (Miniature)

BEST BRED-BY-EXHIBITOR: Safari's Save Me The Waltz (Standard)

Obedience: 6-19-2015

HIGH SCORING DOG IN REGULAR CLASSES: Adelheid's Garbanzo CD (Miniature)


SCORE: 197


Conformation: 6-20-2015

Judge: Mrs. Wendy L. Paquette

POODLES (TOY), Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
5 SWAG LOMAR SOLSTICE SENSATION. PR181383/01. 06/24/2014. BREEDER: owners. By Ch RFS Hells A Blazen Frank N. Stein-Ch SWAG LoMar Silver Sensation. OWNER: Terri Meyers & Lori Logli.
POODLES (TOY), Open Dogs .
9 BALIWICK NEVER STOP BELIVING. PR180331/01. 05/12/2014. BREEDER: Ian The Bloomquist. By Ch Baliwick Believe It Or Not-Ch Baliwick Being Gabby. OWNER: James Sullivan.
POODLES (TOY), Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
12 FOXMORE FINNLER. PR183226/02. 11/21/2014. BREEDER: Janet Reed. By Ch Primrose Foxmore Metropolitan-Ch Foxmore Fabiama. OWNER: James Sullivan.
POODLES (TOY), Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
8 KARAMBA DESIGN BY MARION. PR182140/01. 09/02/2014. BREEDER: Karen Wood & Eilene Johnson. By Ch Barclay Karamba Grand Slam-Karamba Grace Devine. OWNER: Karen Wood Eilene Johnson & Anita Farris. AGENT: Terri D Meyers.
POODLES (TOY), Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
6 SOLNES EDEN ROSE. PR179378/01. 02/27/2014. BREEDER: Solveig Naess. By Solnes King Leopold-Solnes Rose Celine. OWNER: Linda L Hoof.
POODLES (TOY), Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
10 LOMAR SWAG PITCH PERFECT. PR179536/01. 11/24/2013. BREEDER: owners. By Ch Fontella Full Throttle-Ch LoMar SWAG Quiet Splendor. OWNER: Lori Logli & Terri Meyers.
POODLES (TOY), Open Bitches .
14 VANITONIA COCO CHANEL. PR159788/01. 04/24/2011. BREEDER: Lee Cox & Tom Isherwood. By Ch Atastar Harvey Nic's-Ch Vanitonia Glory May. OWNER: James Sullivan.
POODLES (TOY), Best of Variety Competition .
7 CH LOMAR SWAG'S ONE TIN SOLDIER. PR157480/01. 08/15/2011. Dog. BREEDER: owners. By Ch Chudan's Spring Is In The Air-Ch LoMar Swag Quiet Splendor. OWNER: Lori Logli & Terri Meyers.

POODLES (MINIATURE), Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
5 AMITY'S GRAND FINALI AT DEGANA. PR180661/01. 10/06/2014. BREEDER: Anne Dege. By Ch Refinne Just Foolin' Around At Amity-Amity's Envy Me At Snowedon. OWNER: Anne Dege. AGENT: Terri D Meyers.
POODLES (MINIATURE), Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
9 KAMANN'S BUTTERSCOTCH. PR178325/01. 07/08/2014. BREEDER: Erin Barajas. By Ch Refinne-Kamann Mojito-Rhododendron In June. OWNER: Ann Kambarn. AGENT: Jennifer A Dege.
POODLES (MINIATURE), Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
7 ADELHEID'S PLUMP LILY OF THE VALLEY. PR180460/01. 09/23/2014. BREEDER: Renate Newcomb. By GRCH Adelheid's Rip Van Winkle NA NAJ-CH MACH Palman Adeleheid's Silverbrocade MXB MJB. OWNER: Renate Newcomb and Dorie Madsen.
POODLES (MINIATURE), Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
6 ALLURE ELEGANCE. PR177990/02. 05/29/2014. BREEDER: Olga Issaenko. By Ch Nevskaja Zhemchuzhina Issol Impresario-Zabavny Kolokolchik Future in Issol. OWNER: Olga Issaenko.
POODLES (MINIATURE), Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
12 HORIZON'S HEAVEN KNOWS. PR178771/01. 06/07/2014. BREEDER: Dawn L Strumbel. By Ch GCH. Alegria History In The Making-Ch GCH. Amity Mystical Horizon's Heaven Sent. OWNER: Dawn L Strumbel.
POODLES (MINIATURE), American-Bred Bitches .
8 HORIZON'S ZOELLE RUMOR HAS IT. PR178153/01. 04/30/2014. BREEDER: Dawn Strumbel Tim Glavan & Kim Pierotti. By Ch Refinne Just Foolin' Around at Amity-Ch GCH. Horizon's Just A Rumor. OWNER: Dawn Strumbel Tim Glavan Pam & April Spurling.
16 SAFRANNE'S JOYOUS CELEBRATION. PR175524/04. 02/17/2014. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Safranne's Silversails Heartbreaker-Ch Safranne's Surprise Package Miata. OWNER: Estelle Kapsner. AGENT: Dawn Strumbel.
24 AMITY'S KILLER QUEEN FOR ADANAC. PR178237/02. 04/14/2014. BREEDER: Anne Seppo & Marie Hedeman. By Ch Amity Mystical F.D.R.-Ch Ash's-Mystical Hannah On Fire At Amity. OWNER: Anne Seppo & Michele Kerr.
26 CAMEO'S CHING TI ALENA YAUTHIER. PR111661/01. 11/24/2007. BREEDER: Patricia Palmer. By Callalily's Splash Of Orange-Cameo's Exotic Dancer. OWNER: Aalean M Vauthier & Patricia M Palmer.
POODLES (MINIATURE), Best of Variety Competition .
14 CH GCH. AMITY MYSTICAL HORIZON'S HEAVEN SENT. PR089735/04. 06/16/2006. Bitch. BREEDER: Marie Hedeman Anne Seppo & Dawn Strumbel. By Ch Amity Mystical F. D. R.-Ch Mystical Shownoff at Amity. OWNER: Dawn Strumbel.

POODLES (STANDARD), Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
5 MOONLIGHT EXTRAORDINAIRE. PR181381/01. 08/11/2014. BREEDER: Sally Flunker & Jill Lurye. By gch ch L'Paige Island In The Stream-ch MoonLight Scherzi Musique. OWNER: Sally Flunker.
11 SAFARI'S SUBVERSION. PR178949/01. 08/03/2014. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Safari's Grand Illusion-Ch Safari's Aria. OWNER: Cynthia Huff & Joel Haefner.
POODLES (STANDARD), Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
19 REFINNE HIGH TYME. PR175978/01. 01/30/2014. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Degana Cole Porter-Ch Barbican High Maintenance. OWNER: Jennifer A Dege & Mary Linda Yeakey.
9 JULEAN IN FULL SAIL. PR161590/01. 04/30/2012. BREEDER: Owners. By Gch Ch Brighton Endeavour-Ch Julean Sails Vanilla Royale. OWNER: Judy J Mentzos & Barbara Beneke.
17 SAFARI'S PERSOASION. PR171477/02. 07/09/2013. BREEDER: Cynthia Huff & Peb Pergament. By Ch Safari's Apparition-Ch Safari's Family Defender. OWNER: Cynthis Huff & Amy Schnelle.
POODLES (STANDARD), Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
8 GLADYSTAR SULTRY SUMMER NIGHT NA OAJ. PR163036/01. 07/08/2012. BREEDER: John B Pittman. By Ch Safari's Sorcerer's Apprentice RN CD-Keweenaw Candle Bright MX MXJ. OWNER: John B Pittman.
12 SAFARI'S SAVE ME THE WALTZ. PR177607/01. 04/01/2014. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Safari's Solaris-Ch Safari's Chimera. OWNER: Cynthia Huff & Joel Haefner.
14 TORINA CRYSDIE'S SCENE DU CIEL. PR165859/01. 09/07/2012. BREEDER: Dawn K Torine. By Ch Refinne Scene Stealer-Jelenopal's Bijou De Ciel OA OAJ. OWNER: Dawn Katherine Torine.
POODLES (STANDARD), Open Bitches .
18 MERIDIAN'S I'LL BE COUNTING STARS. PR175869/02. 01/08/2014. BREEDER: Sheryl Wells. By Ch Safari's Raconteur-Ch Ivylane Signet Kiss N Tell. OWNER: Sheryl Wells. AGENT: Terri D Meyers.
POODLES (STANDARD), Best of Variety Competition .
6 CH MUSIQUE MOONLIGHT ADAGIO. PR168483/08. 03/17/2013. Bitch. BREEDER: Jill Lurye & Sally Flunker. By Gch Ch Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow-Ch Musique Moonlight Minuet. OWNER: Jill Lurye.
7 CH MUSIQUE MOONLIGHT CONCERTO. PR168483/06. 03/17/2013. Dog. BREEDER: Owner & Sally Flunker. By Gch Ch Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow-Ch Musique Moonlight Minuet. OWNER: Jill Lurye and Kirsten and Duane Gendreau.
16 CH SAFARI'S BELLE DE JOUR AT JUCARTA. PR168283/02. 03/17/2013. Bitch. BREEDER: Owners. By Gch Ch Safari's Aesthete-Ch Safari's Miraflores. OWNER: Cynthia Huff & Joel Haefner. AGENT: Terri D Meyers.

Obedience: 6-19-2015

Judge: Mrs. Debra L. Scheider

Novice B.
NQ 14 ALI-ANN'S UPON THIS ROCK. PR169254/02. 03/29/2013. Dog. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Ann C Springer (Olheiser). By Ali-Ann Kabuki Knights-Davaroc Dare Me of Glo-Rie. Owner: Ann C. Olheiser.
NQ 20 CH REFINNE MONTRACHET RN CA. PR107586/02. 12/20/2012. Dog. Poodles (Miniature). Breeder: Jennifer Wege. By Ch Refinne The Full Monte Bn Rn Cgc-Ch Refinne White Limfandel. Owner: Mary & John Davis.
Open A.
192.0 / 2 10 ROSE POINT'S MS BELL. PR163873/03. 04/20/2012. Bitch. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Heather Griswold. By Rose Point Just In It For The Girl's-Rose Point Hopes For A Rooster. Owner: Mary Joyce.
NQ 11 MOONLIGHT LE MERLE IT'S ALL ABOUT ME CD BN RAE. PR138836/08. 01/09/2010. Bitch. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Bruce Flunker & Elaine Rude. By Ch Asteria Carrington Musique-Ch Lemerle Glitzy Az Moonlight. Owner: Sandra Wells.
197.0 / 1/HT 19 ADELHEID'S GARBANZO CD. PR156712/01. 11/05/2011. Dog. Poodles (Miniature). Breeder: Renate A Newcomb. By GchCh Mach Kamann's Silver Surfer THD-Ch Mach Palman Adelheids Silverbrocade THD. Owner: Wendy J Ethier.
Open A.
NQ 21 CH SULTANS STOLEN LOVE CD BN RA. TR672487/02. 06/03/2007. Bitch. Miniature Pinschers. Breeder: Owner. By Ch Aztex March-On The Bachelor-Ch Sultans Stolen Fantasy. Owner: Gretchen S Hofheins Wackerfuss.
Utility A.
NQ 12 SWAG'S SPARKS CLASSIC ROCK CD RE. PR103533/03. 01/26/2007. Dog. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Terri Meyers. By Ch Jaset Sparks Will Fly-Swag's Anniversary Waltz. Owner: Sue A Blomquist & Burnell L Blomquist.
194.0 / 1 15 CH ARIS ACCOLADE'S VOYAGER CD RN RA. PR100434/03. 05/02/2007. Dog. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Beth & Michael Harris. By Ch Litilann's Book'Em Dan'El-Ch Aris Blue Skies Jump For Joy. Owner: Valerie Fox & Carolyn Lichty.
Beginner Novice B.
197.5 / 1 16 STARGAZER'S LITTLE DANIEL. PR173265/04. 10/03/2013. Dog. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Lavonne Santee & Darlene Blair Kelley. By Ch Litilann's Book'em Dan'el-Ch Stargazer Je' Vous Amie. Owner: Valerie Fox.
184.5 / 2 17 TORINA'S LEGACY OF CRYSTOLI. PR145538/03. 06/24/2010. Dog. Poodles (Standard). Breeder: Dawn K Torine. By Ch Refinne London Fog-Jelenopal's Bijou De Ciel NA OAJ. Owner: Dawn Katherine Torine.